Keeping Jewelry in a Camper

When living in a house I had this large standup jewelry armoire that was filed with jewelry.  The first step was to decide what I really needed.  I packed the rest for storage (see how I did that here).  What I decided to take with I put in a ThirtyOne jewelry holder that I used to use for traveling.  It is small but holds each piece of jewelry in a small fabric pouch inside.

Is RV Toilet Paper Really Necessary?

I wanted to know if RV toilet paper is really necessary in a camper or if we could use the same toilet paper we used while living in a house.  The toilet paper on the right is RV toilet paper and the toilet paper on the left is Members Mark toilet paper form Sam's Club.  I took the same number of sheets and put them in water.  After about an hour I stirred both gently.  After a full day I compared the two.  I couldn't notice a difference.  I asked my significant other if he noticed any difference and he didn't either. 

We had already purchased a lot of the RV toilet paper but when that ran out we started using the Sam's Club one again and had no problems.  Now I must say that our camper is newer and has a very nice septic system so I'm not sure if everyone will have this same experience with using regular toilet paper but this has been our experience.

Camper Modifications

I wanted to write a post about the modifications I made to the camper while we still lived in our fifth wheel but honestly I was just to busy having fun.

Below are simple pictures and explanations of what we did.

I have a post about this kitchen modification here.

A post about the vent modification here.

A post about creating a place to do my makeup here.

I installed a new shower head (Oxygenics® BodySpa Handheld Shower Head).  It was about $40 and it is much better than the old one.  I also put a mount lower for my son who is 6 years old so that it is at a more convenient place for him.

Under one of the bunks that fold up there was originally a couch, however when we purchased the camper the couch had already been removed.  We put storage cubes on each side and made a desk.  Since we work from home this desk was a must for us.

This one is simple.  Add a command hook behind the toilet to hang the toilet wand.

With some unused wall space I created a command center for us as well as a storage area.  I used ThirtyOne organizing pouches on the wall that I already had before.  I added a "Menu" page and an "I Love You Because" page to the organizer because I could use an expo marker to change it whenever needed.  I also used Trone organizers from IKEA to hold shoes and other items.

More kitchen organization!  I used command hooks to hang measuring cups and pot holders,  I used a label maker to print out the size of each cup and put it next to each hook.

I used zip ties whenever we traveled to make sure the cabinets didn't open while on the road.  I learned the hard way about doing this because the first trip we took we opened up the fifth wheel after a day of driving to find all my Pyrex baking dishes had fell out of the cabinet above the refrigerator and there was glass everywhere.

I added shelves above the windows so that there is extra storage while parked.  The shelves are from IKEA.  They are actually picture ledges that I cut to size.

I hung up stuffed animal storage in each bunk.  My kids have tons of stuffed animals they like to play with but I didn't want them on the bed all the time taking up space.  I bought it from Amazon for $15 for both of them.  The pink bed organizer is from IKEA for $4.

I made curtains for the kids' bunks.  I used a shower curtain to hang them up and just bought fabric and sewed a curtain.  This way the kids have some sense of privacy.

These were just some of the camper modifications we did to make living in a camper more comfortable and convenient.