Meet Ruby

We have decided on a name for our fifth wheel.  She has been named Ruby.  Cody gave me five names he liked: Walter, Wilbur, Sparty, Rudy, and Voltron.  I narrowed it down to Walter, Wilbur, and Rudy however I also added the name Ruby (I added Ruby because when Cody wrote down the name ideas I couldn’t read his handwriting very well and thought Rudy was Ruby and I particularly liked that.  I took the narrowed down names to the kids and they liked Ruby.  Cody thinks that the fifth wheel should have a boy's name because of the sheer size of it, 40 feet.  I think of a home as feminine so I preferred Ruby and the kids agreed.  So I am pleased to present Ruby, our home on wheels.

"My House"

Have any of you heard the song “My House” by Kacey Musgraves?  Oh it is so fitting for our adventure.