South Haven, Michigan

This weekend there was a four day weekend for the kids due to a school in service day and Columbus Day. We decided to take a trip with our new fifth wheel. It is about 10 feet shorter than the old one we lived in and also weighs much less. We chose to go to South Haven, Michigan which is about 3 hours from home. 

We stayed at the KOA in Covert so South Haven was only a 15 minute drive. We did not bring the kids on this trip so we were able to do more adult friendly activities. We went to the Arclight Brewing Company in Watervliet, the Great Mead Brewing Company in Bangor, and the Coppercrast Distillery in Saugatuck. There were lots of wineries and vineyards in the area but we decided to still with local beer and liquor.

Besides drinking we went to downtown South Haven, which has a ton of cute stores. We went to the beach in South Haven where we saw the lighthouses. For lunch we ate at Taste, which is known for having small plates. We ordered 5 different plates and shared them. I wish we had went there for dinner because the restaurant seemed like more of a dinner place rather than a lunch place. 

We went to a Chili Cookoff in Saugatuck. For $.50 we could sample chili from each contestant. It was so delicious. We then walked to all the downtown shops in Saugatuck, which were similar to the shops in South Haven. 

We went to ATVing one afternoon. It was $100 a person per hour. Unfortunately I'm inexperienced in riding and I hit the back of Cody's ATV. The damage, which we had to pay for, was $1300. Ouch!  We spent more paying for that than we did on the whole trip. I'm lucky I wasn't hurt. Cody didn't get upset about the cost and we even laughed about it afterwards. I think we were both just thankful that it wasn't worse. The owner said that the amount of damage was in the top 3 that they have ever had there. I don't think I'm going to go ATVing anymore. 

Overall the trip was fun!  It was a few days of relaxing in a very laid back part of Michigan. No stress, no busyness. We will definitely be going back. 

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