What I Miss About Living in a House

We have lived in the fifth wheel for 2 months now.  Although I love the adventure there are things I miss about living in a house.

  • Long, hot showers - In a camper the water heater is small and doesn't get as hot.
  • Kitchen prep space- Making a good size dinner takes every inch of counter space
  • Bigger refrigerator - Camper refrigerators are much smaller. 
  • Privacy - This doesn't mean privacy in general.  This is our code word for needing to use the restroom and not wanting everyone to hear us so they must leave the camper.
  • Steady temperature - The temperature seems to fluctuate quite a bit.  Maybe it is our particular camper...I don't know.
  • Thick mattress - Our mattress is pretty thin, even with a pillow top cover on it.
  • Laundry not shaking the house - When I do laundry the loads always make the camper shake just a little bit but it is still noticeable.
  • Not having to explain my choice of home - In a house nobody asks you why you live there, whereas in the camper we get asked why we live in a fifth wheel often and then we have to explain it and it can be uncomfortable and sometimes embarrassing.
  • Normal plumbing - The camper requires work in terms of the septic. 
  • Water pressure - This may not be the case in all cases, but the water we are hooke up to is a light spit at best.
Overall, living in the camper is amazing.  It is an adventure that we are happy to be a part of however we do miss some things about living in a house.

The Wilds - Cumberland, Ohio

We had the most amazing time going to a place called The Wilds in Cumberland, Ohio.  They are the largest research and breeding facility in the US for endangered animals.  We took the Sunset Wildside Tour.  Go at sunset if yo can because that is when they feed the animals and splurge for the Wildside Tour rather than the regular safari because the Wildside Tour gets you up close and personal with the animals.

You can check out their website here.