Is RV Toilet Paper Really Necessary?

I wanted to know if RV toilet paper is really necessary in a camper or if we could use the same toilet paper we used while living in a house.  The toilet paper on the right is RV toilet paper and the toilet paper on the left is Members Mark toilet paper form Sam's Club.  I took the same number of sheets and put them in water.  After about an hour I stirred both gently.  After a full day I compared the two.  I couldn't notice a difference.  I asked my significant other if he noticed any difference and he didn't either. 

We had already purchased a lot of the RV toilet paper but when that ran out we started using the Sam's Club one again and had no problems.  Now I must say that our camper is newer and has a very nice septic system so I'm not sure if everyone will have this same experience with using regular toilet paper but this has been our experience.

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