A Change in Plans

Four months ago we started this incredible adventure of living in a fifth wheel.  There were many reasons we decided to live in a fifth wheel (read about them here), however a few situations have changed and it no longer made sense to live in the fifth wheel.  We have purchased our first home together.  That does not mean our fifth wheel adventures end here though.  We already have a trip planned for next week with the fifth wheel.

Let me explain why living in our fifth wheel no longer made sense for our family.

Our main reason to live in a fifth wheel was to save money.  In the time that we lived in the fifth wheel we saved an additional $10,000 to put towards a house.  On top of that since we bought a house we traded in our 2014 Keystone Avalanche for a 2005 Forest River Flagstaff.  The price difference meant $21,000 in our pocket.  So we had an additional $31,000 saved since May.

Living closer to family was a big reason for living in the fifth wheel.  We did live on the farm with Cody's parents but my parents, two sisters, brother, niece and nephew all lived about 20 minutes away.  We ended up buying a house in the town that my family lives in.  Now our kids go to the same school that my niece and nephew go to and my son is actually in the same class as his cousin.  Family is even closer than I originally thought.

Another reason for living in a fifth wheel was to start planting roots.  We were under the impression that we would be building a house on Cody's family farm however we realized those pans would not be able to happen and rather than continue to live in the fifth wheel and have the kids start school in that town we decided it would be best to look for a permanent house so the kids wouldn't have to change schools again.

Lastly, a goal of living in a fifth wheel was to simplify our lives.  We wanted to not have our lives be consumed by things.  It was such an eye opening experience living in the fifth wheel and seeing how little we really needed to be just as happy.  We will continue to let God fill us up rather than material things.

As I already said, our journey with a fifth wheel is not over just because we don't sleep in it every night.  We still travel for work and we still work remotely so traveling is something that is very much a part of our lives.  We will continue to keep this blog alive and share our adventures.

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