Cover Vent with Pantyhose

Have you ever noticed that there is stuff down in the vent?  In the fifth wheel it seems like there is always stuff falling through the crack of the vents.  How do you prevent dirt and stuff from falling through the cracks yet still allow the air to go through it?  Cover the vent with pantyhose!

I took pictures as I did the project but really I didn't need to.  Simply unscrew the vent an take it off, clean out the vent (I used homemade Clorox wipes - found here), cover the vent with pantyhose knee highs then screw the vent back into place.  So EASY!!!

Vinyl on the Fifth Wheel

I wanted to put our website address on the fifth wheel but I didn't want to spend a whole lot on it.  I got on Amazon and looked up custom vinyl and found a very inexpensive solution.  I purchased the custom vinyl from here.  Because of the umber of letters I have in the web address I had to purchase two of them but for less than $20 I think this was a great deal! 

I used a towel with warm water and cleaned the area where I wanted to put the vinyl.  I let it dry then Cody and I followed the directions, which were easy, and we applied the vinyl.  And....done!